THE SNOWKITE (with skis or snowboard)


Snowkite is in a way the Kitesurfing of the snow, for the connoisseurs of this discipline. It consists of being towed by a kite like sail, whether you are skiing or snowboarding. As you may have guessed, Snowkiting requires taming the wind to benefit from propulsion. Between the wind that pulls you forward, and the legs that resist, there are your abs that work. Hence its “abdominal” side sometimes.

Our ski area prides itself on having a specially dedicated area, located at the Col du petit St Bernard. You can thus take advantage of a groomed area, unique in Savoie, to learn in complete safety. With a bit of practice, you can even learn how to get up the slopes without the need for ski lifts!

Reading these lines, you may have decided to discover this discipline. Then we advise you to get closer to the “San Bernardo Kite” school. It is the only school authorised to teach this discipline in the area. You can learn even more by visiting their website. Pictures, videos, prices, courses…