La Rosière certainly deserves its nickname “Balcony of the Tarentaise”, with its breathtaking 180° views of the valley and Mont Pourri.

In summer, La Rosière is a wonderful area to explore, with its mountain footpaths, high-altitude lakes, villages and alpine chalets.

If you enjoy walking, there is a wealth of easily-accessible trails and footpaths.

Visitors who are thirsty for a challenge can set off to conquer the peaks on one of the many nearby hiking trails.



The mountain seems accessible to everyone, with complete freedom. This is true, but if you are a novice, we recommend that you seek guidance. Why? Firstly, to better manage your effort according to your physical condition. This way, you’ll enjoy the experience more. Secondly, to benefit from your guide’s advice and, above all, to venture off the beaten path. Lastly, to avoid the traps that the high-altitude natural environment can set for the overly carefree novice.

In La Rosière, several providers offer guiding services for mid- and high-mountain adventures, catering to all needs and budgets:

At our location, you will find the Bureau des Guides et Accompagnateurs de La Rosière Evolution 2Montagne Experience.

When you go hiking, always make sure to have the right equipment. Wear good shoes, sufficiently warm clothing, a hat, and sunscreen. Also, make sure to bring water and energy bars!




Pastoralism is a key activity of summer in the mountains. Herds of cattle and sheep are moved up to the mountain pastures to graze good grass throughout the summer.

Commonly called “patous”, guard dogs are used to watch these herds day and night for predator attacks.

You will sometimes come across them near certain hiking trails. In order to better understand the role and behaviour of these dogs, we invite you to watch a video of playful explanations by clicking on this link.