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Paret & Yooner

The Paret and the Yonner are fun activities to do when the slopes are closed with family or friends. You can find the providers offering these activities below with the ESF for the Yooner and Evolution2 for the Paret


THE SCHOOL CHILDREN’S SLEDGE : The paret and the yooner



The paret is a small wooden sledge with a single runner used as a means of locomotion at the beginning of the 20th century by school children in the mountains. Indeed, the young mountain dwellers used to make the journey from home to school with the paret on their shoulders or under their buttocks to glide!

The Evolution2 ski and adventure school offers you the opportunity to discover the joys of a paret descent where balance, sliding and laughter are on the program. This activity, practiced at the end of the day, offers you, in case of good weather, an extraordinary sunset. Of course, mulled wine is offered on arrival!

Go out covered! Don’t forget to bring your ski or pedestrian pass, helmet, après-ski boots, ski mask, gloves and your ski clothing! Ready for the infernal descent?
You take the last chairlift of the day, go to the foot of the Roches Noires chairlift.



This machine is similar to the paret, it is made of materials different from wood and has undergone some technical modifications. This time, you have an appointment with the ESF of La Rosière to offer you immediate sliding sensations.


These 2 types of sledge have several advantages. First, the technical learning curve is very short. In just a few turns, you can control the slope and have a lot of fun. Secondly, these sledges are ultra-accessible, both from a price and physical point of view. They do not require any special training. Finally, they are very playful and involve few risks, because in case of a fall, you are very close to the ground and you fall sitting in the snow and the yooner or paret stops immediately.