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Haute-Tarentaise valley

Located in the Savoie region of the French Alps, on the border with the Aosta Valley (Italy), the Haute-Tarentaise covers part of the Vanoise massif, the south face of the Beaufortin and the frontier-straddling Mont Blanc massif. Nestled among these peaks lies La Rosière-Montvalezan, a convivial ski resort that upholds the traditional values of the Haute-Tarentaise Valley. Come and explore this exceptional area!

Discover La Rosière

Haute-Tarentaise heritage

The climactic and geographical conditions have gifted the Haute-Tarentaise with invaluable natural assets. A pioneer for mountain tourism, the Haute-Tarentaise boasts wide expanses of natural landscape, excellent tourist facilities, a warm welcome, and a traditional culture that has spread across the border. Every season, La Rosière is the starting point for myriad experiences.

The Petit-Saint-Bernard pass

Usually open to vehicles from the end of May to the end of October (check the driving conditions before setting out), the Petit-Saint-Bernard pass is a site steeped in history and local legend.

Petit-Saint-Bernard pass

Around La Rosière and Montvalezan’s villages

La Rosière has preserved its mountain spirit. It is a resort “built by its inhabitants” that displays plenty of traditional Haute-Tarentaise features: the hamlets and chapels dotted around the mountainside, the characteristic architecture which showcases stone, lauze slate and wood, the prominent farming activity in summer, the gastronomy, and the traditional village fêtes.

Montvalezan’s Villages and Chapels

Séez and its wealth of Savoyard history

Just 18km away from La Rosière, the characteristic village of Séez is linked to the resort via the Ecudets chairlift. Discover the village’s history and artisanal heritage: Arpin wool mill, Favre tannery, Arts Centre, Espace San-Eloi, and Reignier Gallery.

Bourg Saint Maurice, the hub of the Haute-Tarentaise

Down in the valley, 23km away from La Rosière, is the town of Bourg Saint Maurice, which is home to a train station, a pedestrian shopping street with period facades, restaurants, a market, shops and all the usual town centre amenities.

Vanoise National Park

The Haute-Tarentaise is very proud of the Vanoise National Park. Covering an area of around 2,000km2 (around 772 square miles), it gives visitors the opportunity to get back to nature and immerse themselves in the Alpine landscape.

Savour the flavour of the Tarentaise 

Mountain cuisine blends traditional recipes with local ingredients to titillate your taste buds. Most visitors have already tasted tartiflette, cheese fondue and raclette, but here are some more Haute-Tarentaise specialities for you to try:

  • farçon: a sweet-tasting savoury speciality made with bread, potatoes, raisins and saffron. Every village has its own special recipe.
  • polenta: cornmeal. Originally an Italian speciality, it was brought across to the Tarentaise by Italian workers in the 19th century.
  • crozets: small squares of buckwheat pasta, often served as a gratin.
  • pormoniers: sausages made from pork and green vegetables (leeks, chard, cabbage).
  • gratin savoyard: potato gratin made with milk, cream or stock.
  • rissoles: doughnuts filled with jam or apple sauce.
  • gâteau de Savoie: a type of sponge cake.