Mountain fishing in La Rosière


You can go trout fishing in the high-altitude lakes and torrents around La Rosière.

L’AAPPMA “Lacs et Torrents” covers the Haute Isère (or Haute Tarentaise) watershed area, between the Vanoise and Beaufortain massifs and the French-Italian peaks: just under 300km of fishable riverbanks.

From La Rosière, you are in close reach of the Lac du Retour (altitude: 2,400m), Lac des Gouillons (Petit-Saint-Bernard pass), Torrent du Reclus and Torrent des Moulins which hold plenty of fish (brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout; size limit: 23cm; 6 fish per day per fisherman).


How to buy a fishing license ?

  • At La Rosière Tourist Office
  • Online