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Snowshoeing & Nordic walking

Snowshoes are an ideal way to discover the mountains in a different way, accessible to all at the rhythm of nature.



Snowshoeing and Nordic walking are two very complementary activities. Indeed, they both allow you to work your legs and torso in a coordinated manner. Overall, these are rather complicated physical exercises. They can nevertheless be distinguished apart, with snowshoes allowing for movement into (deeper) snow. Whereas Nordic walking is more for groomed pistes, paths and trails. The aim is to getter a better breadth and quality of movement.

Ultimately it could be said that Nordic walking takes on a more sporty aspect than snowshoeing. It’s more for the contemplative dimension of walking why snowshoeing would be favoured. But both of them stimulate the body and spur satisfaction and pleasure through effort.

We encourage you to be rejuvenated by testing the benefits of these pleasant and healthy wellness activities. These new experiences are done in snowy areas at altitude, proposed as walks to warm up and energize you, especially before skiing!

This activity offers a wide range of possibilities and is accessible for all, both in regard to pricing and taking part. You can also enjoy a little walk on the pedestrian trail as you walk in the forests or take on steeper slopes in the powder, as you head up to reach some well-known summits!

Several providers are on hand to accompany you in these activities. Whether it’s for a beginners introduction or to improve your sports performance, you’ll find the right shoes to fill. And it’s worth betting that a little downhill skidding challenge on snowshoes awaits in the powder. Not forgetting of course the little shot of Génépi that kicks off each outing!


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