The Petit Saint-Bernard Funcross



A special dog

First and foremost, the Funcross of the Petit Saint-Bernard is a fun piste, more than 1000m in length and in honor of our famous dog. Like a boardercross, this circuit offers notably various modules, gongs, tunnels and whoops (a series of small humps which help you pick up speed)… As a family or amongst friends, enjoy new experiences on the snow, either doing the circuit together or by going down individually.



This piste gives its fair share of laughter, sensations and fun. As long as you’re comfortable on blue runs then you’re ready for this!

This area was created by the H05Park company, specialists in the design of recreational spaces in ski resorts. One of their best creations awaits you…


The Access

To gain access to the Funcross, head over to the Plan du Repos ski lift.

To access  toa piste map, click here.



In order to keep the little ones are happy, we invite you to bring them along to the Little Saint Bernard Trail, it’s a fun piste in the forest with various different modules.

Recreation spaces are becoming more and more popular in ski resorts; they allow for new sensations and a different approach to the world of ski.