Sledging areas

Sledging runs with free access to enjoy the joys of sledging with the little ones.

La Rosière has 2 sledging areas in the resort, located at the following sectors:

  • The snow front in the Eucherts area. It’s located above the kids magic carpet lift, the place where children can first discover the sensation of sliding on snow, for free. We recommend that children are over 6 years old* due to its gradient.
  • Center of resort. It’s located next to the Galopins Kids’ Club. You can access it by the Écureuils pedestrian path. This is why we naturally christened it, the piste de luge des Écureuils (meaning, the squirrels sledging piste). If your child still needs parental supervision when on skis then this space is the best suited. Our technical team have worked on the slope to ensure that it’s smooth and with a low gradient.



It goes without saying that these 2 areas are well-marked and supervised. You’ll find foam filled cushions to absorb any shocks should children lose control of their speed. The pistes are also  groomed daily if needed depending on the snowfall.

Faire de la luge en famille et partager des instants riches d'émotions pendant les vacances à la neige


Of course, these 2 spaces are open access and totally free as they are part of our Family Plus Label national label commitment. With respect to this, we invite you to give your opinion on the aspect of “family welcome” developed by La Rosière. By doing so, you would be helping us improve our facilities and services.

*We have chosen the age of 6 due to our Family Plus Mountains national label. We mention it as a guideline in order to draw attention to parents of safety and the level of autonomy the child needs. The area is indeed used also by teenagers, who are occasionally less respectful of the safety rules around others.