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Partners of choice for memorable experiences at La Rosière.

At La Rosière, our mission is to create unforgettable holidays for ours holiday-makers, by offering a diverse range of activities and services. This is made possible by the support of our partners. More than just an exchange of merchandise or visibility, we share values, a history and a vision with each partner. Find out more about the brands we work with.


Skieurs portant des masques Loubsol



Protect your eyes, enjoy the view

With over 70 years’ expertise in optics and more than a century of pharmaceutical heritage, Loubsol offers sunglasses adapted to your activities, as well as ski masks. With products designed in Bourg-Saint-Maurice and manufactured in Italy, it was an obvious choice to combine the values of La Rosière with those of Loubsol. Summer or winter, their high-quality products offer optimum UV protection, with style and comfort.


Skieuse portant un sac à dos Dakine et des skis k2


Quality equipment for adventures without limits

Dakine is an American brand of outdoor clothing and equipment. Winter sports lovers appreciate the quality and durability of the equipment on offer. Whether for skiing, snowboarding or other mountain activities, their top-of-the-range products guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience. By working with Dakine, we promote reliable equipment for a successful mountain experience. Hats, gloves, backpacks… the Dakine range offers a wide range of quality products.



Skieuse avec des skis K2


K2 Ski

Express your style with confidence

A passion for skiing is at the heart of the La Rosière experience, and our partnership with K2 Ski reinforces this love of the slopes. Their high-performance skis are designed to meet the needs of all levels of skiers, from beginners to experts. With K2 Ski, we’re sure to be able to hit the slopes with confidence.



Stand Nosc Trail de La Rosière 2023


For a committed lifestyle

Performance, versatility and eco-responsibility are the three pillars of this young, innovative brand developed in the heart of the Alps. Created by committed sportsmen aware of today’s ecological challenges and with the desire to shake up the sports fashion industry, Nosc clothing is minimalist, technical and functional. La Rosière, a resort concerned about its impact, is proud to be working with Nosc on the theme of technical summer clothing.



Tenue de ski 686



Comfort and technology to take on the mountains

In the early 90s, Michael Akira West brought the spirit of Los Angeles skateboard culture to the local mountains where the emergence of snowboarding was taking shape. Thirty years and hundreds of innovations later, 686 is still run by its founder and strives to live up to Mike’s original ideals. As a brand specialising in technical clothing for skiing and snowboarding, 686 offers warmth, comfort and functionality. Made in Canada, 686 clothing is worn by the teams at the Tourist Office.



Montre Suunto Vertical


Exploring in complete safety

Suunto is a household name among outdoor lovers. Their watches and navigation equipment offer advanced features for hiking, trail, MTB and many other adventures. By working with Suunto, we are committed to exploring our region safely, with precise orientation and vital information at our fingertips. Suunto is also a supplier to Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon, La Rosière’s trail ambassador.



Ravitaillement Biocoop Trail de La Rosière 2023


Biocoop Bourg-Saint-Maurice

A taste of local produce and nature

Biocoop is France’s leading organic retailer. Biocoop Bourg-Saint-Maurice, with its 400 square metres, is a partner of choice. Their locally-grown organic products showcase local produce and respect the environment. What’s more, Biocoop Bourg-Saint-Maurice delivers to La Rosière every Monday! By working with Biocoop, we’re able to offer our sports lovers great refreshments and baskets of fresh, authentic produce, while encouraging responsible consumption that respects our beautiful region



VTT avec gants Racer


All-terrain gloves

Racer is a French brand specialising in the design of gloves for optimum safety and comfort. Their top-of-the-range MTB gloves and protectors offer protection against falls, while allowing the freedom of movement that is essential for this sport. Racer accompanies the La Rosière teams on the MTB trails and in the bike park.





Mazda dans la neigeMont-Blanc Automobiles

Peace of mind with Mazda cars

With over 45 years’ experience in Savoie, Haute-Savoie and Drôme, Mont-Blanc Automobiles offers a wide choice of new and used vehicles, including Mazda. With Mazda, the adventure begins as soon as you put the keys in the ignition. Thanks to this partnership, Mont-Blanc Automobiles offers the teams at La Rosière the chance to travel in complete safety, whatever the conditions.



Recette Citronnade Élixir


The Élixir lemonade

Chartreuse® is a liqueur made by the Chartreux monks according to a recipe given to them in 1605. 130 plants, flowers, barks, roots and spices are used to make Chartreuse liqueurs. Even today, the Chartreux monks are the only ones to know and master these 130 plants. Élixir Végétal was created in 1764, while Chartreuse Verte and Chartreuse Jaune date from 1860. Come and taste this local liqueur at our weekly welcome drink during the season.