Mont-Valaisan : expansion of the ski area

For this winter, La Rosière espace San Bernardo will open a new ski sector : The MONT VALAISAN


La Rosière – Espace San Bernardo ski area stands out for its sunshine, snow coverage, its connection with Italy and the quality of its hospitality; a universally acknowledged experience.
But because we want to keep offering our clients more, in December 2018 we are opening the new Mont Valaisan sector.

As well as its gentle pistes on the La Rosière side, this winter sees the opening of 5 new red pistes in the Mont Valaisan sector, which you can enjoy whilst gaining access to the ski area’s new highest peak of 2800m. This new expansion completes the choice on offer for the more athletic skiers, on the north facing Aoste Valley side.

Located on the French side of the ski area, to the right of the Redoute Ruinée Fort, this investment of 15 million euros will allow 5 new red pistes to be born, 2 new p person chairlifts : The Moulins and the Mont Valaisan. You’ll be able to discover a more technical ski area with more freeride possibilities.

At 2800m altitude, the highest point in the ski area sweeps down into France giving views of the Mont Blanc and the Mont Pourri !


“More choice, more space, more thrills, more moments to be shared,
in December 2018, come and explore La Rosière size XXL”



  • 2 new 6-seater detachable chairlifts:  The Moulins and  The Mont Valaisan
  • A new highest point in the ski area at an altitude of 2800m, less than 6min away
  • More “technical” skiing with 5 new red pistes
  • More opportunities for “freeride” skiing with wide open spaces
  • Guaranteed snow coverage from December to late April
  • A total investment of approximately €15 Million
  • Creation of 20 new jobs




Before you go off-piste, remember this important safety advice:

  • Never go off-piste on your own
  • Check the weather forecast and avalanche report before you set off
  • Adapt your route according to the conditions
  • Equip yourself with an avalanche transceiver (DVA), shovel, probe, first aid kit, mobile phone and air-bag backpack
  • Tell your entourage where you plan to go
  • Ideally, go with a qualified mountain guide or instructor

For more detailed safety advice, please ask a mountain professional.