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The label Flocon Vert is both an acknowledgment of the work accomplished so far, and an encouragement to go beyond what has already been achieved.

Today, La Rosière is proud to have been awarded the label Flocon Vert by the Mountain Riders association.

The Flocon Vert label is the endorsement of the achievements and projects that have been directed within the station. It is most importantly an endorsement of the strategy adopted by La Rosière concerning the sustainable development of the land in response to the challenges posed by a changing climate, environmental circumstances and the local social setting. It does not signify a stopping point, but rather it is an encouragement to continue to improve each day, to keep trying and to self-reflect.

Finally, it is an acknowledgment of the engagement undertaken by l’Office de Tourisme de La Rosière, the Mairie de Montvalezan and the Domaine Skiable de La Rosière - Espace San Bernardo, concerning the large socio-economic fabric surrounding the area and its contributing actors.

We would like to thank and congratulate all those persons who have contributed years of work, to have been awarded this label.

- Mountain Riders – 5 new stations join the Flocon Vert label

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