“La Poletta” snowpark


Seasoned freestylers or beginners, take advantage of the Poletta Snowpark!



There are modules such as slide rails (a metal bar with a diameter between 60mm and 120mm, the aim being to slide along this bar whilst remaining balanced) and lines of increasing levels of difficulty which interlink allowing you to do tricks and grabs (jumps and tricks where you grab the board or skis whilst in the air):


  • 2 green lines (XS)
  • 1 blue line (S)
  • The blue mini-boarder (S)
  • 1 red line (M)


All this on a 300m long slope with a 50m drop of downhill altitude. A sound system is on site to create some atmosphere. A shaper is also there every day!

With a set up like this it’s easier to safely get started with freestyle, remember to wear a helmet as soon as you get onto the pistes.

There are different freestyle courses that can be taken with the ski schools. Whether it be 180s, 360s, backside, frontside or grabs… none of the tricks will be a mystery for much longer. You’ll still need to wait a few seasons before trying to be a Shaun White, but where there’s a will there’s a way.

On the Poletta, you’ll also find the blue pisted mini-boardercross (S)

The snowpark is reached by the Poletta ski lift.