Casque nathan DVA

Transceiver park




The Evolution 2 ski school has created an avalanche transceiver park. This new educational format has been designed in partnership with the La Rosière ski area.

Off-Piste lovers can now practice how to find avalanche victims. For this, simply head up to the top of the Roches Noires ski lift.

A real tool for off-piste risk prevention and awareness, the transceiver park has 8 beacons that are buried and useable all winter. The idea is to find the beacons using the probes to help whilst under pressure from the stop watch.

Evolution 2 offers introductory one hour group sessions for clients wishing to train themselves and also integrates this into all its off-piste courses. Enrolment available through the Evolution 2 ski school.



An avalanche transceiver (detector) or digital beacon such as ARVA (trademark), is an electronic device. This radio transceiver is a receiver and transmitter in one unit and is used to quickly find its carrier. Therefore, if a person with a transceiver is buried under an avalanche, another individual with a transceiver will be able to find them. It’s why we advise people to regularly train so that they’re familiar with the equipment in case of an emergency. The minutes, even the seconds are so valuable for the person buried under and avalanche. A transceiver is not a luxury gadget item when it comes to off-piste ventures!



Avalanches are started when a snowpack can no longer hold itself together. This can happen due to rising temperatures, wind, rain, or even heavy snowfall.

The chances of survival, if you find yourself buried in an avalanche, are extremely limited; that’s why it’s very important to be properly equipped, to know the risks and to be amongst professionals.

Triggering avalanches

To fully secure pistes, the ski area intervenes and sets off avalanches deliberately as part of a special avalanche trigger plan.