San Bernardo Kite, Snowkite School

If you know how to go down a red slope (skis or snowboard), snowkiting is an eco-friendly way to enjoy the mountain!
Come and slide to the pass of Petit St Bernard, dragged by a kite, on a reserved space facing the Mont Blanc.

There is no age to practice snowkite, you just have to know how to go down a red runway.
Snowkite does not fly like paragliding or speed riding.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced kite practitioner, you will glide on the flat and climb the slopes by the force of the wind alone. It only takes very little wind to start moving and very quickly feel the first sensations of a towed slide.
We advise you to start skiing instead of snowboarding. On skis, you will be able to move more easily, you will have a better balance and the learning will be much faster!

Stage 3 h: Initiation for beginners or kitesurfers on the water who have never practiced snowkite.
Flying the sail on foot on the flat, with a kite adapted to your weight, your level and the weather conditions.
To finish the session on his first sensations of towed gliding (skis recommended).

Stage 6 h : Improve your gliding technique towards crossing obstacles on all snow and all terrain.

Stage 9 h : Become autonomous in your practice.

Then you can start your first jumps, the Freestyle maneuvers, the great hikes, the different types of descents: off-piste skiing, towed by sail or jumping from
slope (expert).

The rental of equipment, wing and harness is your sole responsibility.
It is subject to prior assessment after agreement of the monitor.

Also meet your instructor in the morning to learn skiing and snowboarding on
https://kitesurfski. home. blog/

Languages spoken : English, French

Openings :
From 21/12/2024 to 05/04/2025.

Methods of payment :
Check, Cash