Darentasia Paragliding school

1, 2, 3 ... let's go! A few meters of momentum, the sail unfurls and rises above you, a little more speed and that's it ... you FLY !
Comfortably seated, enjoy the splendour of the landscape and the joy of flying.
The mountain is at your feet and for a moment you will become the king of the world.
Tandem flight is available from 5 years old and can be practised all year round.
The pilot who accompanies you, state graduate, will make you discover what you want to know about this activity.
Calm and bucolic or full of strong emotions, it is you who will choose the style of your flight but also its duration.
Whatever your choice, you will always find the ease of take-off, the softness of landing, and of course the supreme pleasure of flying, free and silent.