Descente en Snake gliss

Link the special sledges together to make a train steered by an ESF instructor, then slide down La Rosière’s slopes for an après-ski thrill!
Participants must have a valid lift pass.
Ages 8 and over.
Helmet obligatory
Ski pass
Snow boots

From 11/12 to 23/04 between 4.30 pm and 5.30 pm.

One price: 15 €.

Don't forget your ski pass.


Ecole de ski français (ESF) La Rosière

The 140 instructors of ESF La Rosière will help you learn, perfect and enjoy the sport we all love.
So that everyone can find somethig to enjoy on our mountain, we also offer a huge range of different activities during the day and post skiing, all of which are organised and run by our highly trained professionals.