Off-Piste course for expert skiers

Go off the beaten track!
ESF La Rosière offers both weekly and “à la carte” off-piste courses!
Improve your technique and explore the Espace San Bernardo’s most stunning spots in a convivial group led by an experienced instructor.
ESF La Rosière’s instructors will tailor-make a course to suit you, quenching your thirst for adventure. Tuition includes:
- learning about the different off-piste techniques;
- learning about off-piste safety - how to read the snow conditions and the snow cover;
- learning how to know the mountain and backcountry;
- showing you around the best spots in La Rosière and La Thuile.

From 11/12/2022 to 21/04/2023 between 9 am and 1 pm.
Closed Wednesday and Saturday.

One price: 390 € (Safety equipment provided).


Ecole de ski français (ESF) La Rosière

The 140 instructors of ESF La Rosière will help you learn, perfect and enjoy the sport we all love.
So that everyone can find somethig to enjoy on our mountain, we also offer a huge range of different activities during the day and post skiing, all of which are organised and run by our highly trained professionals.