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Winter is on the horizon and so are the holidays. You are thinking of joining us for a change of scenery and you are quite right! The mountain with its wide open spaces and magnificent panoramas is a natural refuge with a unique situation that we are going through.
So that you can spend your holidays with confidence and peace of mind, the accommodation providers, activity providers and the various shops in the resort are preparing their openings for the winter season, in accordance with the directives given by the Government concerning teh Covid 19, and within the framework of their respective opening dates.

We are all very much looking forward to seeing you again, and are working together, in a spirit of solidarity and responsibility, so that everyone can enjoy La Rosière.

We imagine that you have questions related to the current situation, which is why you will find below the answers to your most common questions.


WHAT CANCELLATION CONDITIONS WILL BE APPLIED BY suppliers of accommodation following covid 19?

Each service provider is free to decide on its own cancellation conditions, so we recommend that you contact your host or activity provider concerned.

La Rosière Reservation

As a general rule: You can cancel your booking at any time before the start of your holiday. In this case, the applicable cancellation fees are those defined in our terms and conditions of sale, which are attached to your booking contract. Our terms and conditions of sale are also published on our website.

In extraordinary circumstances due to covid:
1 / For summer 2021, we have decided to offer one-off free cancellation, the conditions of which are shown below:
Clients may cancel their holiday free of charge* in the event that:

  • The borders of the client’s home country and/or France are closed.
  • A lockdown or quarantine is imposed in the client’s city or country of origin or in France.
  • Travel restriction imposed by the customer’s country of origin or France
  • The resort of La Rosière or certain accommodation closed for health reasons.
  • The holiday must be cancelled when these measures are already in force.

*minus €12 administration fees and holiday cancellation insurance (€ 39,50), which can be taken out when you book your holiday through us and which covers you for the following: accident, redundancy, holiday curtailment, damage to property, individual consequences of COVID-19 etc.

Please note, some activities usually open in summer could be closed by administrative decision (bars, restaurants, cinema, swimming pool, skating rink or other activities). A curfew can also be put in place. This does not constitute a reason for cancellation without charge.

Substantiating documents: Extract of official documents or website published by the prefecture or by the client’s home country showing the reasons for their lockdown, travel restriction or quarantine.


2 / For winter 2021/2022 book your holiday with complete peace of mind: La Rosière Booking Office has adapted its cancellation conditions due to COVID.

No-fee cancellation* in the event that any government travel restrictions are put in place due to COVID or any government decisions are made due to COVID that affect your holiday:
*minus a €15 administration fee and holiday cancellation premium if you have taken out insurance

  • Any general restrictions on travel between your place of residence and La Rosière, compulsory “quarantine” or lockdown that prevents you from going on holiday.
  • Closure of La Rosière resort or of the accommodation you have booked, for health reasons.

These measures must apply at the time of your planned stay.

Proof: Extract of official documents from the prefecture or client’s country of residence, travel restrictions or quarantine requirements.


  • Any refund requests whose reason was already in place at the time of booking (quarantine, closed borders, lockdown, etc.).
  • Any refund requests connected with the closure of the ski lifts, unless for an all-inclusive holiday made up of accommodation + lift passes, in which case the no-fee cancellation still applies.

Please note: Certain activities that are usually on offer in winter may be closed or limited due to a management decision (swimming pools, cinema, ice rink, bars, restaurants, liaison with Italy, etc.). In no event will this lead to any compensation being awarded or the application of no-fee cancellation.

Cancellation insurance: The individual consequences of Covid will not grant the right to no-fee cancellation but are covered by our optional insurance (travellers who contract the virus or test positive in the 7 days preceding their stay or a traveller stranded due to the transport provider’s refusal to allow them to board due to a high temperature).

The partners of this free cancellation operation are identified by this logo on the website.



Indeed, in order to allow you to repair your stay in the best possible conditions, the ski area offers a free cancellation service.

15 days before the first day of validity of your ski pass, for a minimum of 3 days, you can cancel free of charge and until Day-1 in case of problem related to COVID 19* (*with proof)

For more information, click here.

How will it GO ON THE SLOPES ?

We are waiting for the upcoming protocols. Check out this page regularly !






You can also access more information on the coronavirus on the government website: