Sam Cherry – Massages Nails treatments Lashes

Well being massages, face treatments, nails treatments, lashes and eyebrows tint and lash lift.
As a graduated beautician and experienced massage therapist, Sam not only offers you well-being massages, but she also specializes in nails, lashes and eyebrows treatments.
Sam will be delighted to pamper you with kindliness according to what your needs are.
Do not hesitate to treat yourself with a special and one-of-a-kind moment of deep relaxation and beauty.

All year round.
Open all-year-round on appointments.


Made with nourishing vegetable and essential oils.

--- 1h : 70€
Whole body massage: from toes to scalp.

-Californian : flowing and energetic gesture leading to a deep physical and mental relaxation. You can choose the pressure that suits you during your massage.

-Lomi-lomi : inspired by traditional massages of Hawaï island.The massage therapist uses forearms and hands in a fluid, rhythmic motion. The massage works gently and deeply into the muscles, allowing the recipient to unwind and relax.

-Ayurveda: inspired by traditional Indian medicine. Technique combines frictions, effleurages and pressure points. This massage is designed to restore balance between mind and body, promote relaxation and relieve stress.

- Personalised massage : according to your needs.

--- 25 min : 40€
- Personalised massage : choose the part of your body that will be massaged :
▪︎ back, neck, scalp.
▪︎ face, upper chest, hands.
▪︎ legs, feet.
▪︎ scalp, hands,feet.

- Kids massage for 6+. A parent must be in the booth during the massage.

---Duo massages, 1h :140€
Sharing a relaxing moment.

FACE TREATMENTS--------------
---50 min : 60€
Each face treatment includes make-up removal, scrub, mask, massage (face, upper chest, arms, hands and scalp).
- Moisturising and nourishing treatment.
- Anti-aging treatment.

NAILS TREATMENTS--------------

Each nail treatment includes beautification of cuticles, nail filing and cuticle oil application.

---Gel polish -- Hands and feet -- Last at least 14 days --
- Gel polish application, plain colour : 36€
- Removal + gel polish application, plain colour : 45€
- Removal : 18€
- Removal of nail extensions + gel polish application, plain colour : 70€
- Fix a broken nail (per nail) : 3€
- Decor (strass, stickers, per nail) : 0,5 €
- Nail art (french, sugar effect, baby colour, ect, per nail) : 1€

---Other nail treatments -----
- Manicure : 38€
- Pedicure : 40€
- Nail extensions : 65€
- Nail extensions removal : 45€

LASHES and EYEBROWS--------------

Tint and lash lift results last between 4 to 6 weeks.
- Lashes tint : 20€
- Eyebrows tint an express hair removal : 20€
- Lash lift and tint : 75€

Open on appointments all year round.
At your home or on site.
24 hours cancellation policy.
Appointments outside La Rosière will be charged an extra 5€, except the 1st one.
These massages are relaxing well-being massages with no therapeutic or sexuel purpose.
Underage persons must be accompanied by a parent.