1. What do you do when it snows lots in resort ?

△ – I make the most of this time to go and get my equipment waxed and edges done
X – I stay in the warm with a coffee/tea/hot chocolate watching the snow fall
○ – get my bag ready with transceiver / shovel / probes with a smile on my face
☐ – I get my shovel and I go and dig a kicker


2. Before the start of the season, you wait whilst :

△ – Following the ski world cup
○ – Watching ski or board videos
☐ – Trampolining
X – Choosing some stylish ski wear


3. In your bag, there is :

○ – Safety equipment (shovel, probe, ABS)
X – Sun cream and a book
☐ – Nothing, I don’t have a bag (but do have large pockets)
△ – A pic nic and a piste map


4. Your skiwear is mainly :

X – Chic and comfortable outfit, sunglasses
☐ – Gore-Tex layer, salopettes and helmet
○ – Shirt and baggy trousers, headphones in ears
△ – Matching jacket and trousers, helmet with integrated visor


5. For lunch you eat :

○ – In the warm, some pasta or tartiflette
△ – Healthy and quick
X – On a sunny terrace
☐ – Beer / Pizza and music


6. Who is your favorite high level skier ?

○ – Travis Rice
☐ – Candide Thovex
△ – Tessa Worley
X – No idea, I don’t know who they are


7. Your dream ski trip:

X – Adventure Dolce Vita Package
○ – Tasting the best powder in the world in Japan
△ – Assist to the world cup in Kitzbühel
☐ – Doing a tour of the American snowparks


8. The best thing that could happen to you in resort:

X – Relaxing in a Spa with a view of the mountains
△ – Being the first on the pistes
○ – Having more than 1m of freshly fallen snow
☐ – Having an amazing snowpark with lots of different modules


9. After a day of skiing, you:

△ – Do some stretching
○ – Watch a video of your day’s action
☐ – Have a drink with friends
X – Go to the Spa





Majority of △ : You’re more of a Carver

On your skis you like speed and carving on groomed pistes. Just like a world cup contester you’ll be able to beat your downhill record on the François Berthod piste on the Italian side. This piste is used for world cup stages and is a very well-groomed and competitive piste that really shreds. On the French side, the five new red pistes on the Mont Valaisan sector allow you let rip from one turn to another, clocking up the kilometers. To benefit from a perfectly groomed piste, be the first there and check out the First Track VIP experience from 7.30am until 9am. And why not have a change and finish the day with some downhill sledging on the new multi-season Xtreme monorail sledging piste.


Majoriy of ☐ : You’re more of a Freestyler

For you, riding symbolises adrenaline and airtime. If skiing on pistes bores you then head to the Poletta snowpark! Reachable by chairlift, the park lets you enjoy one rotation after another and find your ideal line with rails and kickers becoming progressively more difficult as you head down. There is even a BigAir Bag to safely dial in your next tricks. To grab a bite or a drink whilst enjoying some music, the high-altitude bar-restaurant “Le Plan du Repos” ensures a great atmosphere with a DJ and a large south facing terrace. If you dream of meeting world famous freestylers, then don’t miss the Freeski Playoffs, it’s THE place to be at the end of season. Big Air, natural slopestyle, hockey matches and festive atmosphere can be expected.

And why not tempt yourself with a taster introduction to snowkiting with a trained instructor, at the Col of the Petit Saint-Bernard; letting you get to new heights from a different angle?


Majority of : you’re more of a Freerider

Since December 2018, the Espace San Bernardo has expanded its ski area. Don’t miss the new freeride possibilities on the Mont Valaisan sector, at an altitude of 2800m. Another spot where the snow’s good: the Ziitieux snowcross. Accessible by the Roches chairlift this ungroomed virgin space is especially reserved for skiers wanting to taste a freeride experience in a safe environment. For the more advanced, the Italian side has a reputation for some magical off-piste routes. Equip yourself with a transceiver / shovel / probe and air bag, don’t ever go alone and let the piste patrol team know where you are heading. You go entirely at your own risk.

Those who don’t dare adventure out, maybe think about a supervised outing with the freeride instructors from the ski schools. It’s always good to regularly train in order to keep the right reflexes in case of an emergency: every Monday morning, transceiver training is organised, don’t miss it!

Finally, for those who want to go and discover the best slopes themselves, be sure to ask for the guide of freeride descents; on sale in the tourist offices. And to finish the day indoors, head to the new climbing wall in the Jean Arpin hall, with its 5 routes and 2 automatic belays.


Majority of X : You’re more of a Lifestyler

You like to ski but above all you enjoy the après-ski, those moments when you can relax with a drink amongst friends or be in a steam room. Check out the unique Dolce Vita adventure experience between France and Italy. As well as enjoying 2 days of skiing in the La Rosière – San Bernardo ski area, you can also relax in the superb thermal baths of Pré Saint Didier in Italy. For more information:

In La Rosière you can make the most of the La Rosière SPA with its panoramic sauna, hot tubs and salt cave with its many beneficial effects.

On the pistes, don’t miss the opportunity to toast with a Spritz on the wonderful Antigel terrace. Head up to the top of the Fort Express chairlift for the amazing Panoramic Experience; a walkway above a sheer drop of several dozen meters which allows breathtaking 360° views. Use the PhotoPoint to capture the moment!