Show : La Fée Skelpeu

Discover an enchanted world where magic unfolds at every moment. Enjoy a captivating interactive spectacle of joy and wonder, and give your children a magical experience they will remember. Registration recommended.

Immerse yourself in the wonderful universe of the Fairy Skelpeu, a magical and whimsical character that embodies pure magic. From her arrival, she captivates children by unveiling a breathtaking, rhythmic, and interactive spectacle. Picture the magical moment when, with a simple wave of her wand, she opens her suitcase to reveal a world of surprises.

This show is not just a performance but an invitation to an interactive journey where magic becomes tangible. Children will be transported into an enchanted world where active participation is encouraged. Experience this unique blend of enchantment and whimsy, creating moments of lasting joy and wonder.

Min age : 3 ans

Languages spoken : French

Openings :
Thursday 7 March 2024 between 6.30 pm and 7.30 pm.

Rates :
Free of charge.

Booking :
La Rosière Tourisme