Show : Hansel & Gretel

Show Hansel & Gretel by la Baraque à Plume
Faithful to the famous Grimm brothers' tale, this contemporary, musical, burlesque and crazy version brings a critical look at our world dominated by images and new technologies, where the criteria of success and social recognition are relentlessly shifting towards strass and glitter.

Hansel, a devoted and slightly foolish brother, lets himself be fooled by Gretel and ends up being swallowed by the terrible trap set by the witch: the fairground grappling hook, an illustration of material abundance and the excesses of over-consumption in the world today.

As for Bernard, he lets himself be manipulated by his wife Samantha, fascinated by social networks and eager for fame, even if it means abandoning his children in the forest...

Reflecting the passivity of thousands of Internet users, Hansel and Bernard follow the trends, deprived of their voices but equipped with multiple instruments to express their melancholy and their joy!

With a lot of live music: ragga, psychedelic rock, bitchy-pop, p-funk, we see these clowns-orchestra grow with delight: trombone, bass, guitar, drums, didjeridoo, beat box, everyday objects and looper, come to dress up the key moments of the characters' lives.

It's almost a concert of contemporary music, not really a storytelling show, but to classify it as theatre would be an exaggeration! There are clowns but not only, it's not far from a musical, it's funny, it's scary just enough and above all it's a moment of festive sharing between young and old around a common cultural heritage.

All audiences from 5 years old.

Doors open: 6.15pm
Duration: 1h10
Location: Jean Arpin Hall
Price: free

Friday 30 December 2022 between 6.30 pm and 7.40 pm.

Free of charge.