Orienteering course – skier or pedestrian

Immerse yourself safely in the adventure through the La Rosière resort and Ski Area with our orienteering courses, providing a unique and playful experience, including skiing routes.

The principle is simple: uncover 10 markers spread across 3 different difficulty level courses, whether on foot or on skis, in the heart of the La Rosière resort and Ski Area. Immerse yourself in a real treasure hunt suitable for all skill levels. The orientation booklet awaits you at the Tourist Office to start this adventure.

This activity should be undertaken during the opening hours of the ski area for the skiing part. Access to the ski area is strictly prohibited outside of opening hours due to the risk associated with grooming machine operations.

Min age : 14 ans

Languages spoken : English, French

Location details :
Devant l'Office de Tourisme

Openings :
From 13/01 to 20/04/2024, daily.
The skiing part of this activity must be done during the opening hours of the ski area.

Rates :
Free of charge. Ski pass required for downhill skiing.
Possibility of ski touring.