The squirrels trail

A pleasant walk in the Malgovert Forest. From the Tourist Office, via the « Pont des Chèvres », the left bank of the Isère, the « Repaire des Écureuils » and the « Plan de la Tine » forest track. A circuit in the cooler air of the Isère River and amid the shade of the trees.


The Isère River which you cross is full of fario trouts of Mediterranean stock. They share the river in equal quantities with Atlantic fario. The right bank of the Isère is full of hay meadows; the relatively flat terrain makes them easy to work.
The Malgovert Forest includes fir trees and spruces. We call it a spruce-fir
forest. Around 15% of the trees are larches which grow at altitudes of 900 m to 1,700 m. Logging often takes place in the forest.

Departure: Séez Tourist Office or the Pénitents car park (on the road to Val d’Isère).
From the Tourist Office: heading up the main road, take the first road on the right (Chemin des Épinois).
From the Pénitents car park: go to the Chemin des Épinois which runs just below the car park.
At the junction, head down and to the right for 500 m until you reach the «Pont des Chèvres». Cross the bridge to get to the left bank of the Isère River and follow the forest path, which climbs slightly, for 250 m.
Go down to the bank of the Isère which is popular with anglers (flood zone: if water levels are high, stay on the forest path until you reach the youth hostel,
the Auberge de Jeunesse).
At the Pont de Longefoy, follow the access road to the youth hostel to the right. Head up the path in front of
the «Repaire des Écureuils». This will lead you tothe «Plan de la Tine» forest track.
Follow this path uphill for 500 m and then head down to the right to the «Pont des Chèvres» after having carefully negotiated some scree (watch out for snakes). Head back the way you came.

From 07/01 to 10/31 : open daily.

Free of charge

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