Chez Robert le Traiteur du St Bernard

Butcher, Cured Meats, Delicatessen, Regional Produce and Wine. Located in La Rosière's Vieux Village, Chez Robert stocks a wide range of delicious local produce.
Tickle your taste buds with our wide range of homemade jams. Choose between bilberry, raspberry, wild strawberry and various other flavours that I might come up with!
Sample our traditional or “gargentua” raclette, our Savoyard or Tarentaise fondue, fondue bourguignone, pierrade, brasérade or reblochonnade: we will also loan you any necessary equipment. Please order in advance to avoid disappointment.
Here is a selection of our take away dishes:
- Tartiflette, lasagne, gratin Savoyard, diot sausages in white wine, gratin de crozets, farcement (a grated potato, bacon and prune dish), ratatouille, chilli con carne, homemade cassoulet, stuffed tomatoes, a choice of vegetable dishes, dish of the day, etc.
- Tarte au beaufort, vegetable tart, leek tart, onion tart, quiche lorraine, bilberry crème caramel, raspberry crème caramel, tarte tatin, bilberry tart (available to order), tiramisu and bugnes.
- Homemade pâtés and sausages.
Available every day: free-range roast chickens.
Wednesdays: homemade couscous (please book in advance to avoid disappointment).
Fridays: paella or homemade salt-cod brandade (available to order)
Saturdays: homemade diot sausages in white wine, served with gratin Savoyard or polenta.
Sundays: roast chicken and sautéed potatoes.
FOR YOUR APERITIFS: homemade bilberry, raspberry and blackcurrant liqueurs to mix with white wine.
We also stock a selection of carefully-chosen Savoyard wines, purchased directly from the winegrowers. Just ask and I would be delighted to advise you on which wine to choose.

From 13/07 to 30/08, daily between 8.30 am and 7.30 pm.
Open All days
Close between 12:30 AM and 4:30 PM.

See in store for prices.