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Snowboard Taster

If you want to have a go at snowboarding, ESF La Rosière organises 3 snowboard taster sessions every week!
Our instructors will teach you the very basics of snowboarding, so that you can go off and practise by yourself or even take some more lessons!

Skiing lessons

Branch out with the ESI! Lambert Fournier, a fully-qualified instructor, offers tailor-made tuition for children and adults, families or groups of friends.

Off-piste Courses

Go off the beaten track!
ESF La Rosière offers both weekly and “à la carte” off-piste courses!
Improve your technique and explore the Espace San Bernardo’s most stunning spots in a convivial group led by an experienced instructor.

Snowboard Academy

Snowboarding courses for children aged 8 years and over. Groups of 8 people max. From beginners to experts – improving technique, freeride, freestyle and fun in the snowpark.

Junior Academy Teenager’s Ski Courses

Skiing courses specifically designed for teens: improving technique, fun in the snowpark, freeride sessions and learning all about the mountain environment. An entire day will be spend in Italy.
Groups of 8 teens max.

Off-Piste Taster

If you have been skiing for years and are happy to glide down any slope in any snow conditions, then why not get a taste for the wild side by joining our off-piste taster session? ESF La Rosière leads a 3-hour off-piste taster session every Wednesday morning!

Freestyle sessions

Learn about the 3 different Freestyle techniques (flat, jumping, grinding) in teh snowpark, with sessions coached by an experienced instructor.

Private lessons and Guiding – Rosière Centre/Eucherts

Improve at your own pace in a private lesson…
Whatever your level or chosen discipline, the ESF’s instructors will tailor-make lessons to suit your requirements so that you can learn in safety!

Disabled Skiing

Don’t let your disability stop you from enjoying the slopes! Gliding down the mountain is an experience you will never forget!
ESF La Rosière is committed to helping everyone enjoy skiing, regardless of their disability.

Ski and snowboard courses for adults

Skiing and snowboarding lessons for adults. Courses available for all levels, from beginners to experts. Groups of 8 people max.

Adult Ski Group Lessons – Rosière Centre/Les Eucherts

Group lessons for adults of any level from La Rosière centre or Les Eucherts.
Lessons run for 4 days from Sunday to Wednesday.

Snowboarding lessons

Fully-qualified instructor and snowboarding fan Lambert Fournier offers beginners’ and improvers’ snowboarding lessons.

Off-piste courses

Venture off the beaten track with our experienced ski guides.
3-day “Grand Ski” course - introduction to off-piste
4-day “Grand Ski for Adults” course – perfect your off-piste technique
5-day “Junior Freeride” course – off-piste for teens.

Private ski lessons

A more personalised way to learn.
A private lesson with one of our instructors enables you to improve your technique both quickly and safely.
Skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing, snow biking, ski touring and off-piste lessons available.

Ski School + Les Galopins

For a stress free holiday, the team at the Galopins Club can take care of your children outside of group lesson times (half or full day options available).

LE PETIT BOARDER: Snowboarding lessons for children aged 4-7

An introduction to snowboarding for children aged 4 to 7 in La Rosière’s Piou Piou club. The children will get to know the material and have a go at snowboarding for the first time.

Children ski group lessons – Rosière Centre/ Eucherts

Ski and snowboard group lessons from age 5.
Meeting points in La Rosière centre and Les Eucherts.
The lessons take place over 6 days and prepare the children to pass their next ESF level – from Snowflake upto Gold Star.

Freestyle Course (Ski or Snowboard)

Whether you are a first-time freestyler or have already mastered a few tricks in the snowpark, come and join the Ride 'n' Style Family !!!

ESF – Specialist Courses

So that everyone can benefit from the expertise of our instructors, no matter their age, the ESF has set up ski courses for children, teenagers and adults.
From 1 star to competition for the children.
For teenagers and adults : slalom training in the performance course

Skwal lessons

Try your hand at a new snowsport! Mid-way between a snowboard and a monoski, carve up the slopes or go off-piste on a skwal. Only suitable for people who have experience in snowsports.

“Yeti” Children Ski Course

Fun-filled skiing lessons for children aged 3 and over. Groups of 8 children max. “Yeti Village” private beginners’ area . Day out in Italy for Yeti 2 and Yeti 3 levels. Childcare option from 11.30am to 2.30pm – lunch, activities and games.


This winter in La Rosière – Espace San Bernardo, come and explore the 160km of slopes in France and Italy!

Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, qualified instructors from the ESF and Evolution 2 ski schools are on hand to teach you the joys of snow sports. Off-piste, freestyle, group lessons or private tuition: there are plenty of options to choose from! Take advantage of their expertise to improve your technique, so that you can truly make the most of your time on the slopes!

Once you have mastered your chosen sport, set off to explore the Espace San Bernardo ski area: the French side is drenched in sunshine and offers a variety of slopes, while the Italian side is more challenging. The ski area also boasts stunning views of the Mont Blanc massif to one side, and the Haute-Tarentaise Valley on the other, with the impressive Mont Pourri glacier dominating the landscape.

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