Recreation areas

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Boules ground

Boules ground on the Place des Eucherts. Outdoor activity.

Plan de l’Arc leisure area

Located just after Les Eucherts Vieux Village, the Plan de l'Arc leisure area is fully-equipped for picnics and barbecues, with football and multisport pitches, a skate park and a children's playground.

La Rosière – Espace San Bernardo has several leisure areas where you can relax and have fun during your summer holiday. Head to the sunny Plan de l’Arc, a haven for children with its football pitch, multi-sport AstroTurf court and skatepark. It also has an archery field, playground and children’s climbing wall. Adults can relax as their children play thanks to the area’s barbecues and picnic tables.

There is also a pétanque ground on the Place des Eucherts, with tournaments regularly organised by the Tourist Office.

There is so much to do in La Rosière in summer!