The Poletta Snowpark

Experienced freestylers and first-timers alike can make the most of the kickers and rails in the Poletta snowpark!


The snowpark runs off from Poletta drag lift. It is 300m long with a 50m downhill slope, and is made up of series of rails and kickers of increasing difficulty: 2 green lines (XS), 1 blue line (S), 2 red lines (M), and 1 black line (L). There is a shaper on duty every day, and music blares out to create a sick vibe!

Catch some air every afternoon on the Big Air Bag! This is a huge air cushion that enables you to try out new tricks without worrying about landing. A great way to practise your stylish moves!

You can also follow the blue-level (S) mini-boardercross from Poletta drag lift.