Hydrotherapy Area

This summer, try the new hydrotherapy area buildt in the Plan de l’Arc !

In this area, you will discover the hydrotherapy thanks to the KNEIPP method. Submerge hot parts of your body (face, arms, feet, …) in a natural cold water for 6 to 10 seconds, thans to little baths and showers specially placed for that purpose. This method, discovered in 1849 by Sébastion Kneipp, a german pastor, is known as a fabulous method able to cure some diseases.

In addition to the KNEIPP hydrotherapy, you can experience in this area a sensitive course created to relax your feet.

Walk through this course, focusing on the sensations felt by the sole of your feet. Do this exercise during 5 minutes. This sensitive walk will bring to your mind calm, just like a meditation could do, by stimulating the acupuncture areas situated in the sole of your feet.

Click here for more information about the KNEIPP area, and here to see the sensitive course.


Notice to visitors :

The Plan de l’Arc area is a place destinated to everyone.
Thanks in advance to :
• Be respectful wiht other people, with fittings and with those who built it
• Watch your children, your pets and avoid all deterioration of this course made for the health of everyone