Go off the beaten track

Escape off-piste in the Alps

Powder ahoy! Set off in search of virgin slopes and vast expanses of untrodden powder alongside the resort’s professionals, and discover new spots boasting breathtaking views of the Ruitor glacier, Mont Blanc, Mont Pourri and the other surrounding peaks. Off-piste and ski touring adventures are led by La Rosière’s professional mountain guides, who are only too happy to share their passion for off-piste skiing with holidaymakers.


Safety first!

Before you go off-piste, remember this important safety advice:

  • Never go off-piste on your own
  • Check the weather forecast and avalanche report before you set off
  • Adapt your route according to the conditions
  • Equip yourself with an avalanche transceiver (DVA), shovel, probe, first aid kit, mobile phone and air-bag backpack
  • Tell your entourage where you plan to go
  • Ideally, go with a qualified mountain guide or instructor

For more detailed safety advice, please ask a mountain professional.


For powder junkies

The Zittieux snow cross is a non-groomed but secured off-piste area which offers competent skiers the opportunity to taste the feeling of freedom that you get when heading off-piste. It goes without saying that all users should be equipped with a shovel, probe and avalanche transceiver, and should consult the ski patrol before setting out to check the conditions.


Ride off-piste with La Rosière’s instructors

Instructors from the resort’s ski schools are on hand to guide you off-piste and give you tips and advice so that you can make the most of these magical moments, and even go on to tackle more challenging routes.

Evolution 2

Ecole du Ski Français (ESF)



Revel in the freedom of ski touring !

Ski touring is enjoying a surge in popularity, and is now accessible to everyone (providing you follow the applicable safety advice).


Try ski touring in La Rosière

During the winter season, a ski touring taster session is organised in La Rosière every Tuesday evening (from January onwards).


New ! 3 secure ski touring trails

Discover La Rosière’s three new permanent ski touring trails up the mountain (skiers are only permitted to take the marked slopes when skiing down, not climbing up, due to the risk of collision). These three new trails (Stoat’s Trail, Serge’s Trail, Roc Trail) have been created to give people somewhere to try out the discipline or train, with the aim of making users aware of the safety advice and risks involved in ski touring.


Ski touring taster sessions with our ski schools

Master the ski touring techniques and learn about the off-piste environment so that you can ski in safety, with tuition and advice from professional instructors.

Ecole du ski Français (ESF)

Evolution 2



Snowkiting : Soar across the snow on the Petit Saint Bernard pass

The Petit-Saint-Bernard pass boasts one the best snowkiting spots in the Alps thanks to its regular winds and guaranteed snow cover at an altitude of 2,200m.

 Ecole de Snowkite