K2 Skis

La Rosière has teamed up with K2 Skis for winter 2018. The two brands share the same vision of the mountains and of skiing, with strong values such as respecting nature, taking pride in traditions, a love of the mountains, aestheticism, a constant quest for innovation, and quality as the primordial customer service.

K2 Skis, innovating to guarantee quality

Whether they are designing equipment for marked slopes, freeride terrain, snow parks, ski touring itineraries or powder, K2 Skis use innovative technologies in order to offer a range of equipment for all skiers, whatever conditions they encounter.

Over their 50-year existence, K2 Skis have developed fundamental technologies, enabling the brand to evolve its skis over the years in order to stay up-to-date with the modern trends.

From including fibreglass in their skis when the brand was first created, adding a turning radius to high performance skis in the 90s, creating the first fat freeride ski (Big Kahuna 1994), developing the first twin-tip (The Poacher 1996), and right up to the Rocker ski revolution of the last few years, K2’s philosophy continues to make skiing fun for a large number of skiers.

For more information about the latest products from K2 Skis, its retailers and its team, visit the K2skis.com website by clicking here.