The hermine trail

The hermine is a small mammal living mainly in the mountain area at 1000m height. In summer, the fur is dark brown above and yellowish below, but in winter it becomes white.
Be careful, you may encounter some on this path.

The Ecudets Forest ciovering some 300ha is mainly comprised of Spruces. The Spruce is a conifer and its strong and supple wood is used as timber in carpentry, joinery and in making musical instruments. Spruces are also used as Christmas trees. In summer and autumn, the Ecudets forest attracts many foragers hunting for mushrooms such as girolles and boletus etc.
The Ecudets chairlift links Séez to La Rosière ski resort in just 15 minutes. In summer, hikers and mountain bikers use it while in winter skiers and foot passengers hop on.

Departure: the Ecudets chairlift car park.
How to get to the Ecudets chairlift:
- By car: from Séez, follow signposts for La Rosière/Col du Petit St-Bernard for 6 km then turn off left at the sign to télésiège des Ecudets.

From the Ecudets chairlift car park, take the hermine trail. Please note, the first 150m are very steep, after which the trail is gentler
EDF pylon 94: the high voltage power line starts at the Malgovert Hydro-Electric power station and supplies electricity to Italy. Continue to the right along the hermine trail.
Take the footbridge over the Ecudets stream and start on the gentle slope section.
At the spot known as the Belvedere, admire the view over the St-Germain hillside before continuing along the sign-posted Hermine trail.
You will find a picnic area set out at the Devin bend. Continue on the right.
At this intersection you have two choices: take the route on the right and carry on along the Hermine trail or take the alternative Hermine trail by taking the path on the left which goes all the way to the village of Villard-Dessus

From 07/01 to 10/31 : open daily.

Free of charge

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