“Hannibal” Trail X-Country

Start: Top of the Plan du Repos chairlift
> San Bernardo red trail > down to Chavonnes > St Germain village > Seez > Ride uphill via villard dessus, Solliet, les laix...

Start: La Rosière Tourist Office (Centre) > Le Gollet > Chemin des Arcades up to the ridge at 1,820m altitude > Le Belvédère > Les Laix > Le Châtelard > Le Vaz > Putétruit > Vita Trail > Tourist Office. Black markers.

Given its length, but also the rapid succession of uphill and downhill sections, bikers taking this circuit need to have a certain level of skill, although in the sections running through the villages you can always find a place to branch off and set out for home! But not finishing the circuit would be a shame, given the beauty of the landscapes, the scenes of everyday life, and the rich cultural, historical and artistic heritage that can be seen along the way.

From 01/07 to 31/08.

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