Circuit de la Comtesse Cécile

A lovely walk on the sunny side of the valley, through the Bochères Forest, enabling you to discover some hamlets and their history. In particular, you will discover the hamlet of Saint-Germain and its mill on the road leading to the Petit-Saint-Bernard Pass.


The Bochères Forest, a municipal hunting and wild fauna reserve, home to a great deal of wildlife (deer and roe-deer). As you go through this forest, you will notice the same pine resin scent that fills the Mediterranean. It comes from the presence of Scots Pine, recently planted because of the decline in pasture. The Saint-Germain hamlet occupies a strategic position on the road to the Petit-Saint-Bernard Pass. In 1259, travelling in the middle of winter, Countess Cécile de Baux could only find porters in Saint-Germain.The devoted «Germanais» helped her over the snowy pass so she could attend the funeral of one of her parents. The Countess was so grateful to the residents of the village, she granted them franchises exempting them from all taxes. The Saint-Germain Mill
was restored in 1987. Wheat is ground into flour here and thanks to its oven, bread is baked. It regularly opens its doors to the public (see heritage brochure).

Departure: The Pont du Reclus car park, to the left of the road as you arrive in Séez from Bourg St Maurice (opposite the campsite).
From the car park on the left of the Reclus torrent, follow the sign-posted path after the «Bienvenue sur les traces des Ducs de Savoie» gateway. Take the path on the left. Do not take the path sign-posted «Rucher des Allobroges».
After carefully traversing some scree, you will pass a sign on your right indicating a path heading down to the «Pont du Mont» and further on, on your left the path heading back to the «Mont Villaret - Le Cottier».Cross the tarmacked road to Saint-Germainon your left and take a right onto the«Voie Romaine»
Carry on on the tarmacked road until you reach the Saint-Germain mill. Turn left off the road before the water fountain below the car park. Follow the property and continue along an undulating path through mountain pastures,
the Bochères Forestand the «Champ Plan» clearing. Head left down the path that follows the ruins, pass in front of the new water fountain (drinking water)
and the«Croix de Champ Plan» (alt. 1210 m). Pass the «Cottier» path that rises to your right and head down a switchback path which gives a wonderful view of the hamlets around Séez and you will soon find yourself heading back down the path you originally came up.

From 07/01 to 10/31 : open daily.

Free of charge

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