Disabled Skiing

Whatever your disability (motor, physical or psychomotor), ESF La Rosière offers specialist tuition just for you, either sitting (dualski or sit-ski) or standing.

ESF La Rosière’s specialist instructors have undergone special training and continue to hone their skills every year in order to help you to push the boundaries of your disability and become as independent as possible on the slopes!

ESF La Rosière can also welcome children and adults suffering from mild motor or psychomotor disabilities in their group lessons, so that they can learn to ski in a group dynamic!
(If your child has a disability, please let the instructor know so that they can take extra care, enabling your child to progress in safety while having fun with their new friends).

From 16/12/2017 to 20/04/2018, daily between 9 AM and 5 PM.

One price: 45 to 65 € (Price per person per hour).

For the lesson with a specific equipment (tandem ski, dualski) : please buy a ski pass to the ski pass office.

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Maison du Ski Le Front de neige, 73700, Rosière Centre

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With ski schools in both La Rosière Centre and Les Eucherts, the ESF offers lessons close to your accommodation and has a variety of options to suit your requirements.
Improve your technique, whatever your chosen discipline and level, and have a great holiday!