Just like many similar resorts, La Rosière is committed to improving its visitor-focused actions so that the quality of its services is recognised through well-known national classifications.
This is how La Rosière came to be a Famille Plus-approved resort in 2012. This national classification proves that families are welcome in the resort and that they have access to specific services to ensure their holiday is a success.

La Rosière is also committed to obtaining the Qualité Tourisme classification and a Category I Tourist Office rating, a voluntary quest instigated by the Town Council. Created with the aim of improving the quality of tourist services in France, the Qualité Tourisme must be obtained before any Tourist Office can be rated as Category I. This rating aims to highlight the role that the Tourist Office plays in promoting and steering La Rosière as a destination, thanks to the structuring effect that it has on a local scale.

Finally, the Villes et Village Fleuris (“Towns and Villages in Bloom”) classification completes the set, since, contrary to how it sounds, it is not judged only on how many flowers a resort has on display but also includes other actions such as the welcome extended to visitors, the commune’s eco-friendliness and the preservation of its social cohesion.
The commune of Montvalezan-La Rosière currently has a “one flower” rating and has just applied to be considered for two “flowers”.

Now that you have an idea of what these classifications mean, please do not hesitate to give us any feedback or suggestions so that we can continue to improve the quality of our services.